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January Birthdays
We wish a very happy birthday to the following children & staff:

  • Cora K.
  • Zach M.
  • Phoenix M.
  • Lena H.
  • Zoe S.
  • Aschlyn C.
  • Miss Mercy


Employee Anniversary
Michelle A. – 4 years


Child Care Income Tax Credit
Each family will receive a printed receipt for all tuition paid in 2017.  These receipts will be placed in your mailbox by January 31, 2018.  It will include all necessary information needed to complete your income tax forms.


“Childhood isn’t just something we get through.  It’s a big journey, and it’s one we’ve all taken.  Most likely, though, we’ve forgotten how much we had to learn along the way about ourselves and others.”
-Fred Rogers


And our New Year’s Wishes to you are:  peace, health, progress, and love!!!