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April Birthdays
We wish a very happy birthday to the following children and staff:

  • Everett B.
  • Sofia P.
  • Graycin W.
  • Ariella Z.
  • Hunter H.
  • Lakyn B.
  • Ava B.
  • Cal D.
  • Easton G.
  • Oliver D.
  • Miss Kelly


Week of the Young Child
April 8th thru 12th. Watch for the detailed activities list coming soon!!

Warmer Weather Coming?
Yes, we agree, it seems it has been winter for a L-O-N-G time. But, we are hopeful that warmer, spring-like weather will come soon.

Remember to stock your child’s cubby with appropriate outdoor clothing.

We will go outside every day when the temperature is above 40 degrees and there are no weather warnings that would compromise the safety of the staff and children.

And don’t forget to bring a fresh supply of sunscreen for sun and fun safety. Label the product with your child’s name and date. Make sure you give the sunscreen to your child’s teacher.

Kid Bits – by Early Years – Working Together for a Great Start
Safety first – help your child stay safe at school with these clothing tips. Make sure he/she wears shoes that fit properly and either tie or have Velcro. They’re less likely to cause accidents than floppy shoes like sandals or clogs. Also, avoid baggy clothes and cords or strings on clothing that can get caught in playground equipment.

Sizing things up – Take a walk around your neighborhood with your little one, and use objects you see to encourage him/her to compare sizes. Ask questions like “Is that mailbox taller or shorter than you?” or “Is that white rock bigger or smaller than the gray one?”

Helping hands – Trace around your child’s hands on paper, and ask her to name different ways, she is helpful. Maybe she takes care of her dog by feeding him/her and helps you by dusting. Together, write each example on a separate finger. Then, hang up her “helping hands” to remind her how helpful she can be.


Worth Quoting – by Albert Einstein
“Play is the highest form of research.”


Just for fun
Q. Why does a flamingo hold up one leg?

A. If he held up both, he’d fall down.