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May Birthdays
We wish a very happy birthday to the following children and staff members:

  • Adalynn E.
  • Ava S.
  • Luke T.
  • Zoey N.    
  • Brayden U.
  • Waylon H.
  • Beau S.
  • Miss Michele
  • Miss Scheria

May Dates to Remember
May 9th – "Muffins with Mom" Breakfast
May 12th – Mother’s Day
May 16th – PreK Graduation Practice
May 18th – PreK Graduation Ceremony @ Mt. St. Joseph
May 27th – Center Closed Memorial Day

Get Moving!
No matter your age, exercise can seem like a ‘four-letter word’ if you take the traditional aerobics and calisthenics route.  Get children moving in ways that they can really enjoy without really knowing that they’re exercising.

  • Start a garden.  Consider growing a small vegetable and flower garden somewhere in or near your playground.  Assign gardening tasks according to each child’s age and abilities.  Added bonus:  With a garden, you’ll get many great foods for free!
  • Dance to their favorite music.  Let children pick the music that will get them moving and try to keep them shakin’ and groovin’ for at least 10 minutes.  Teaching them the steps to a fun, simple dance will keep their attention and give a great sense of accomplishment once they have mastered their new moves. 
  • Play the old tried and true playground games like freeze-tag, duck-duck-goose, and hopscotch.
  • Parents and families to limit ‘screen time’ (time spent in front of the tv, on the computer, or playing video games) at home.  Instead, they can walk to the park, play ball, or make a fun game out of doing household chores-children will love to help around the house and parents will love to let them help!

Be Choosy, Be Healthy!